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Halo Panel at PAX Prime Recap

- when you switch from new to old in Halo 2: Anniversary, audio will also switch from new to old, not just the graphics
- Steve Vai is back for the Halo 2: Anniversary theme music
- demo of Halo 2: Anniversary weapon audio being instantly switched back and forth from old to new

Lockout new features: Elbow cover

Lockout new features: Breakable glass

new content with Bravo, which includes map breakdowns, tips and more, coming to the Halo Channel

Forge mode improvements coming to Halo 2: Anniversary

- switching from new to old in Halo CE: Anniversary will be instant, exactly like Halo 2: Anniversary

And that's pretty much all the important news and little bits of info from the Halo panel at PAX Prime 2014!

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Lockout remastered for Halo 2 Anniversary

Lockout is the next map to be revealed for Halo 2 Anniversary, along with Sanctuary, Zanzibar, Coagulation and Ascension, it will be remastered with a new look.

Check out comparisons and all the info in the gamespot article here!

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Halo Bulletin - 27th August

Click the image above to check it out!

Read up about:
-PAX Prime Halo Schedule
-Halo: Escalation #9
-NECA Master Chief Helmet
-Halo 4 Matchmaking Updates
-Screenshot Spotlight: White

Halo 4 Matchmaking Updates:
-Squad DLC will become the featured playlist on Saturday and is available to play until 15th September
-Dominion gametype added to Heavies playlist rotation in the 3rd voting slot

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Halo Bulletin - 21st August

Click the image above to check it out!

Read up about:
-Halo at Gamescom
-Interview with TCM, winners of the Gamescom Showdown
-PAX Prime Showdown
-Screenshot Spotlight: Classic Maps

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Halo at Gamescon: Halo 5 Beta, Halo Channel, and More!

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Lockout Gameplay - Halo The Master Chief Collection

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection at PAX 2014

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H2A Campaign - Delta Halo Footage

Check out this new footage of the H2A campaign mission Delta Halo. No commentary, just game sounds.

Check it and let us know what you think here!

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Halo at Gamescon: Halo 5 Beta, Halo Channel, and More!

Microsoft and 343 Industries took the stage at Gamescom earlier today with a slew of exciting news and announcements for eager fans of the Halo universe. Information on the new Halo Channel and Halo 5 Beta, as well as a sneak peek into the fifth announced map to receive the Halo 2 Anniversary remake treatment. Get a change of pants ready!


Halo Channel
New and exclusive to Xbox One is the interactive Halo Channel application, the only app that fully connects you to the Halo universe. The channel provides seamless integration into the Halo games, providing an array of video and live streamed content on the fly.


Halo 5 Beta
The Halo 5: Guardians beta also made an appearance during the Gamescom presentation. Spartans will be competing, starting December 29th against one another on small to medium sized arena maps. The beta will run until January 18th (an impressive three weeks!) and will feature seven maps with three game modes. A fan favorite, Midship, also appears to be returning and will likely be playable during the beta. All gameplay will be at a crispy 60 frames per second on dedicated servers, and will feature what 343 call “fair starts”, where each Spartan will possess the same equipment as the other team (no differences in loadouts!). Check out the full first look below… and see if you can spot the SMG!


Halo 2: Anniversary: Sanctuary Reveal
343 Industries has announced the fifth map to receive the remake treatment for the Master Chief Collection in true competitive fashion, letting four Halo pros battle it out in intense 2v2 action to showcase the beauty of Sanctuary in its remade form. Give it a look!

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Top 5 Halo Clips of the Month - July

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