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Thread: Halo 4 / [News] HTR Challenge Race Contest! [Date: 3/20/2013]
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[News] HTR Challenge Race Contest! [Date: 3/20/2013]
First off, the challenge crew would like to thank everyone for doing our Halo 4 HTR Challenges. You guys have been destroying them! Several new player page awards have recently been made to reward you for your efforts. Big thanks to Ativan for those. So with that, the challenge crew has decided to do our first challenge contest for Halo 4. It's not going to be a raffle this time though. This one is going to be a straight up race! The member who finishes all the challenges for the week first wins! For more details click here!
Re: [News] HTR Challenge Race Contest! [Date: 3/20/2013]
should be fun, not finished yet with the challenges, but some of the challenges will be toughies, hope u guys enjoy it!!!